Custom Industrial Diamond Assortments

“Working with our customer, defining your parameters”


We involve with our customers to outline what exactly they are looking for. It’s our utmost priority to fulfill the requirements of our clients as we are in the business of raw diamonds wholesale.  For this, you have to be specific about certain parameters.

Parameters are mentioned as:

– Application

Ambica Diamond Industry is known for offering the quality grade of industrial diamonds. We have a plethora of options available that suits different industrial applications ranging from cutting to grinding.

– Formations Required

There are numerous shapes available with us. Go for the one that suits your requirements.

– Size Required

It is important to know what exact size you want for the industrial process. Depending on it, we offer you the distinctive sizes of diamonds.

– Quality Required

Ambica Diamond Industry is a recognized name in the industry as a diamond manufacturing company in Surat. We offer the quality range of synthetic as well as natural diamond.

– Quantity Required

You can tell us the quantity of product you want for the process and we will supply the exact. The quantity is generally determined by calculating the percentage of stones that are selected by the tool maker.

To get the appropriate information, you can notify your requirements to us. Accordingly, our experts will help you in finding the right one at a reasonable price.

The result is a customized, usable product meeting your price

*To further refine a requirement we offer reasonable selection pricing determined by the percentage of stones selected by the tool maker.