Industrial Diamond Supplier

Throughout the world, our name has been spread as a reliable natural industrial diamond supplier. AID is specialized for keeping up a large inventory of the different varieties of industrial diamonds. Our customers appreciate the guarantee we offer them in the consistency of quality and a competitive prize.

Natural Industrial Diamonds

Working with the best infrastructure and resources, AID is fully committed towards providing the best natural industrial diamonds for your needs. These diamonds are highly popular among the medical, electronic and other industries for performing different functions. The high standard of the natural industrial diamonds have made it a very popular tool. Whether you use it for processing or as a tool used in medical sciences, the use is tremendous.


Industrial Rough Diamond

In a natural appearance, the rough diamond just looks like the pieces of glass. Industrial rough diamonds however are mostly different in appearance and you can find them in different colors like yellow, brown, grey and even blackish. Ambica Industrial Diamond, the ever growing diamond supplier in the world is offering rough diamonds of different sizes, shapes and quality for industrial use.


The word ‘Super abrasives’ is related to the polishing and grinding tools. These are designed and manufactured by using high quality diamond. Moreover, they have the capability to machine a wide range of materials like non-ferrous and ferrous materials. The manufacturers make use of bond materials for holding the diamonds together. The bond materials can include metal, electroplated, vitrified and resinoid. Thus, the process of grinding or cutting becomes very easy with the super abrasives.